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It Was Always You

Art: moteh


The alchemy of all paths that inevitably led me back to you.

The taste of light when I walked through the hallways of Time.

The doors I opened and closed while seeking you, so you could find me.

We both knew detours did not erase destiny.


The answer to my soul riddle was always you.

Like A River

Art: moteh


You said once I was like a river,
That brought deserts to life,
Passing through rocks,
Gently smoothing the edges of stones and memories.
You promised you'd watch over me
Guiding my waters forward,
Calling me back through lands and seasons,
At every turn I took.
We couldn't be apart, you said,
As detours do not erase destiny
And nothing could change my path.
I kept flowing towards you,
Dreaming to know all of your secrets
Wrapped in waves, storms and salt.
Even if it took me a thousand turns,
I would always return to you,
And you would always be there waiting for me.


Like a river.jpg
I Close My Eyes To See You.jpg

I Close My Eyes To See

Art: moteh
REBELLICCA and moteh

If the story of light begins with you

I wish to know where dreams are born.

I close my eyes and make my way

Surrendering to the longing that guides me

Through the endless sea of noise and distractions

Disregarding all else

In search of your essence.

The less I see, the more I feel

The fractured rapture of becoming whole again

The will to be

The stillness between my heartbeats

The sweet texture of forever filling up my lungs

That reminds me you are not an illusion.

The more I feel, the more I know

I'm getting closer

And the closer I get,

The harder it is to breathe...

There it is. There I am. 

I am the dreamer. You are the dream.


Art: Raphaël Erba

Keep running
Through the unimagined.
Keep chasing one horizon after another.
Walk on water,
Jump from one dream into the next,
Keep seeking what's undiscovered.
Don't wake up till light has found you
Or you've found it,
Even if it akes forever.

Set Free_edited.jpg

Set Free

Art: Ronald Ong


Trapped in your faith of freedom being possible,
I'm learning to believe I can fly again.
Even though the cage is open,
Your mind won't set me free.
Ask me not to choose,
Between what was and what should be,
Since every choice is like a new prison.
Perhaps I don't need to seek anymore,
As the seeker has become the sought.
And it's only through the shapes of your mind
That I can know the taste of freedom.


Art: Archan Nair

The gravity of isolation crafts history out of scars, Using minds as its pages.
Dreams that used to be portals

Are now confined to ordinary rituals and vague longings.

Does the quest for truth get louder as our worlds become smaller and the self is immersed into silence? Light is only meant to come back

When we remember what freedom feels like.


Once Upon A Heartbeat

by Raphaël Erba and REBELLICCA

Once upon a heartbeat
We dreamt our heaven into being.
The silver light of your soul
Asked the blue velvet universe first
To shape me out of your love and its stardust.
As I move from word to word
I pray this world will be enough
For our magic to unfold
Without the shadows cast by fear.
I know our paradise cannot be lost
As it is as real as we are here
Even if we dreamt it into being
Once upon a heartbeat...


Art: Archan Nair


All universes merge,

Into the forever of now.

Unimagined realms find me,

On the playground of all gods,

Asking new questions.

I thrive on riddles,

Decisive, eternal,

Not needing forgiveness,

Or asking permission to be.

Existence honors my light and my shadows.

Blissfully caught into oneness,

I am all that is and all of it is me.


The Fog Brought Me To You

Poetry: REBELLICCA and moteh

...and asked me what you are.
If you are air,
Let me breathe you in,
Hold you in my lungs,
Feel you as close to my heart
As you can ever be.
Your every movement brings me to life
And reminds me why I am here.
If you are a potion of oblivion,
A promise for a return to innocence,
Let me forget everything else but you.
The hypnotic essence of you
Keeps me spellbound with its chemistry,
Ruthless and obsessive,
Ever changing yet always the same.
If you are a dark moon river of enchanted petals,
Let me be an ocean of ethereal light.
Find your way towards me,
So I can mirror you in my waves
While your beauty seeks redemption in my presence.
If the serenity of your calm rage
Shakes me to my very core,
Aren't you the definition of magic too?
I give in to the sweetness of your whims,
Time and time again,
And embrace you as you are.
Surrender to me
So we both can taste freedom.
When we become one,
Let me carry you towards
The shores of our own Eternity...

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