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Here are a few questions that fans and followers often ask me.
Q: What does REBELLICCA stand for?
REBELLICCA is my artistic name and stands for non-conformity, intentional living, bold creativity and freshness of expression.

Q: How do you manage to infuse your works with such intense feeling?
I've been asked this question many times. I try to play with words in a way that causes tension, controversy or an even absurd relationship between the lines of a piece. Words should shape worlds that shock, confuse and mesmerize, especially when it comes to poetry. My essays and impressions have a calmer tone and seek to motivate, encourage or provide a new perspective.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for writing?
In metaphysics, philosophy, mysticism, cosmology, quantum physics and above all in my own immediate experiences and the stories of others around me.

Q: What do you do when you're not busy with art or writing?
As a matter of fact, I am writing again but on different topics such as leadership, business, success, mindset, personal growth.I have a coaching practice for personal development, which I am currently transforming into a platform for leadership and mindset for growth. More details coming soon.

Q: You introduce yourself as an artist and a writer. Are you both? Where can we see more of your graphic art?
Yes, I'd like to think of myself as an artist first, writer second. The concept of art is more fluid and encompassing and it does not limit itself to the writing domain only. Also, writing is in itself an art.

Some of my graphic art (mandalas, geometry experiments and abstracts) can already be seen on my art page and my Instagram page


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