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Musings on Creative Freedom

As an artist, creator and thinker, allow yourself to:
  • be fully born
  • do nothing
  • make/do something for yourself only
  • play for play's sake
  • change your mind and rethink your identity, brand, values, principles, opinions if you deem it necessary
  • build upon the work of others
  • integrate all that you are into what you create
  • start where you are with what you've got
  • impose your own limitations and rules to up your art game a notch
  • build a habit and unlearn it if you wish
  • make stuff and destroy it from time to time
  • not allow everyone's opinion to be the measure of your work's worth and affect your desire to create
  • appear and disappear
  • authentically express yourself even if it means you might upset someone
  • create work that feeds your soul (not just your ego!)
  • ask questions others have not asked before
  • answer questions that others have already answered but you haven't yet
  • not say anything if you don't feel you've got something to say
  • hurry slowly
  • slow down your thoughts, your heartbeat, your mindflow
  • procrastinate productively


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