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Mother Nature, face, space, abstract, poetry, rebellicca, thoughts, magical, ethereal, mysticalFor all the moments of glory I've missed
And the friends I've never made,
And the friends who've forgotten me.

For the smiles I never understood or saw,
For those I longed to catch in a glimpse,
But I did not as time was too innocent
And all sunflowers were falling asleep,

For the melodies I left unsung
And the sweet promises I didn't keep
The roads not taken and the lines unwritten,

For all who thought they loved me but did not,
For all who hoped to love me but they stopped
As others captured their longings,

For all the raindrops seeking shelter on my skin
Before dissolving into a memory of water,

For all the shoelaces and buttons that came undone
To slow down my flight through the day
And remind me that simply being is enough,
For all the ghosts of the past that stopped haunting me,
And the future memories of each moment in time when I felt alive,

For the impossible desires and the possible discoveries,
For the destinies I decided were mine
And those I've been through before
I am.


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Lately, I’ve been thinking about the tension between critical thinking and the desire to be accepted and belong. Somehow my mind always seems to circle back to one particular issue: the price many are prepared to pay just to feel they belong. To them, avoiding standing alone at all costs often overrules the damaging impact social pressure can have on the ability to perceive clearly and think objectively. Neil Postman, one of the most eloquent media theorists and a cultural critics of the 20th century, claimed that every technological innovation has its own agenda. Once we adopt the new invention, we become (mostly without realizing it!) part of its manner of dictating the rules of reality. The same, I believe, holds true for any system, culture, tradition, community, country and policy, when embraced in a blind and desperate rush. In order to benefit from it, we’re required to comply with its postulates. In order to be accepted, we’re often asked to leave out most of what makes us “us”…

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Can you imagine a world without art? Without colors, paintings, sculptures, architecture...?A grey minimalistic world that would not tolerate variety or abundance? How strange it would be if everyone were focused solely on producing objects of  'practical' value, without a sense of aesthetics or thinking about design. I wonder if innovation would be possible in such a rigid reality. Or whether one would have the drive and the imagination to think foward, to think exponentially, making unexpected leaps and connections between concepts.

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