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To Transform Yourself is To Transform Everything

The ability to transform ourselves holds the key to transforming what is around us too. If we view life as a series of collisions with the future, then it does make sense to explore in more depth what is and cultivate a greater clarity of what we desire. It also seems wise to remove any obstacles so that what we have envisioned can find us.

"The creative act is a letting down of the net of human imagination into the ocean of chaos on which we are suspended, and the attempt to bring out of it ideas." - Terrence McKenna

Stirring mental waters until new islands of awakening start emerging is not for those prepared to explore familiar landscapes. Ultimately, many are not here to follow the rules of someone else's game but to craft a whole new one of your own.
A new game begins by learning to look at things from a fresh perspective and asking new questions. To put it shortly, it all begins with allowing your creativity to find you. Courting it, inviting it to join you on your jo…
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A Change of Feeling...and Perspective

What if you'd release all fear. What would it feel like to be free from any anxiety? What would life taste like if you’d have the courage to experience it through the lense of joy and wholeness and laughter? Immersed in a permanent state of complete satisfaction and fulfillment. Endless gratitude and appreciation. Only seeing good in everything. Seing every situation as an opportunity to expand on your happiness and freedom. What would it be like to be free of envy and jealousy towards those who are/ have / are capable of doing exactly what you dream of? To not punish them in your thoughts but to wish them well?What if the comfort zone was exactly the place to grow because it gives you the safety you need in order to strengthen your wings before you learn to fly? What if the world did not need to be fixed or improved or saved but just loved and appreciated. Left alone in peace and quiet. The planet was here long before we came around so it definitely does not need to be corrected,…

Transcending Circumstances

Until you find new ways of seeing and thinking, you will keep perpetuating your current circumstance by recreating the old patterns over and over again. If you want change, find new ways of seeing, new ways of believing a desired and envisioned future in.Everything transforms into the perspective from which it is viewed. Once you find it, it will help you transcend your current circumstance. You can already, right this moment, transcend your current reality mentally. Bypass it and assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled. How does that feel?Constancy, commitment, perseverance, focus, patience, path, purpose, clarity…Clarity of intent. Clarity of vision. Patiently cultivate them. Allow time to help them shape you. More inspiration for creative rebels and thinkers can be found at


Somewhere in the now distant mid 20th century, the philosopher Erich Fromm stated that our greatest task as human beings is to continue giving birth to ourselves throughout our lives. To allow ourselves to be fully born time and time again long after our entry into the physical world, he claims, is to know the true meaning of freedom.We say we want freedom but we shy away from the responsibility of making choices. We’re forever avoiding being fully born by seeking refuge and excuses in comparing ourselves to others, in amusing ourselves to death, in demanding solutions from politicians, or simply allowing work to swallow us completely. We want to live by design yet we secretly hope to be told what to do, always seeking for recipes and formulae for happiness. We say we wish to be lifelong learners yet a job change brings us out of balance. We desire fresh perspectives yet we keep repeating the words of others, often mindlessly making them our own credo.Stability is achieved through mot…

The Bookshelf Poem

The Artist's way is to Show your work and Start with why or  A more beautiful question. The art of noticing invites you to embrace Paradoxical thinking, and  Stillness is the key to practising Essentialsim: prioritizing your life around what truly matters. If you think like a futurist,  A 4-hour work week is enough, Especially if you could master fifty proven ways to be persuasive. Changing on the job will guide you to a new working identity. All transformation is a question of willingness and Mindset. Compile your own little book of talent And cultivate a new growth mindset.  Gamestorming can be your path towards learning by Leading from an emerging future with other Rebels at work. Cause rebels are the very salt of the earth They never eat alone, nor do they think with others. They are the business model generation with a Value proposition design for the  New business model "You". -- The bookshelf poem was written according to the rules below. It is a playful attempt to integrate titles into a…

Life - Transforming Questions

If the quality of our life depends on the decisions we make. And the quality of our decisions is largely determined by the quality of the questions we ask, what are the questions that could lead us to the greatest breakthrough in life?

Here is a (never complete) collection of questions I believe can assist you in moving forward and transforming your life. You don't have to try and answer all of them. Instead, feel free to browse through the list and contemplate the questions that resonate with you at this moment.

The questions might be used also as journal prompters and in practising meditation.
What do you stand for?What person do you wish to become?If thoughts shape reality, what would you like to think about that would help you move forward?If you'd have to do the impossible with nothing, where would you start?Who are you without the doing? Who are you when you just are?If you could re-imagine and transform their life just by visualizing and thinking, what would your thoughts …